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Passionate investing

We provide unique coverage for collectors of fine art who are investing in the future.

As collections play a greater role in the asset base of wealthy households, it becomes increasingly important for families and their wealth advisors to
understand the risks involved with this unique type of investment. Beyond market risk, collections are subject to title risk and an array of physical risks that cannot
only greatly diminish their value, but break the owner’s heart. Yet many collectors remain unprepared.

To most effectively manage the risks involved with owning valuable collections, wealth advisors and their clients should employ a variety of experts that can often
be arranged by an insurance broker or carrier that specializes in serving families with substantial assets. Depending on the type of collection, expert services could
involve assuring proper title, documentation, tracking, display, storage, restoration, and shipping. These services can greatly reduce the potential for loss, while
quality insurance coverage protects the owner in case of loss.