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Insurance Products

Yachts and Motorboats

Insurance tailored to marine vehicles from your sailboat, classic run-about, megayacht, or your fishing boat.

From Cruisers to Luxury Yachts, we offer coverage for vessels over 26 feet including:


  • > Mega yachts
  • > Sailboats
  • > Power Cruisers
  • > Fishing Boats (recreational)
  • > Trawlers
  • > Houseboats
  • > High Performance Watercraft
  • > Wooden and Classic Boats


Unlike other insurers, a Marine Survey is not always mandatory and we are flexible in our underwriting

We also provide coverage for consequential damage like wear and tear, corrosion or a latent defect.

We provide coverage for yachts valued under $400,000.00, and special coverage from $400,000.00 to $50 million

In addition to the types and values of insured watercraft, we are able to provide unique types of coverage for all situations.

We can base insurance on “Agreed Value”, we can provide non-standard coverage such as, Paid-Crew Liability, Hurricane protection, Longshoreman’s/dock worker’s coverage, protection for boats under restoration, and towing coverage.

Our team members pride themselves on offering superior customer service to members of the yachting community, and our

industry-leading experience ensures you’ll get all the yacht insurance coverage you need in a policy specifically tailored to

your needs.

We  work with you one-on-one to determine if you need additional coverage for certain geographic

areas, the time of year you’ll be sailing, or any additional equipment that you have on board. All of these factors will help

determine what is covered in the unfortunate event of a loss. In addition, we’ll help you make certain that you know exactly

what your insurance covers long before any type of loss or claim is necessary.