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Renters Insurance

Different from homeowners insurance with different requirements and situations.  We know the ropes, call us today.

Your landlord should have insurance that protects the building itself, but that policy won't include anything you bring in with you.

Renters insurance typically covers you and your personal property when you're renting a house or an apartment. A policy can cover your clothes, sports equipment, laptop, TV, and more whether or not they're inside the home.

Specifically, your renters policy can also include:

  • Loss-of-use coverage, which helps pay additional living expenses if you need to live somewhere else due to a covered incident
  • Personal liability coverage (in case a guest is injured in your rental)
  • Coverage for certain accident-related medical expenses
  • Identity theft coverage (state availability varies)
  • Replacement cost coverage (for your personal things)
  • Off-premises coverage for your property